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Course Type
Web-Based Training
Computer-Based Training
Instructor Led
Alliance Brands
PowerSafe Courses
SAF Courses
Supervisor Training
General Duty
General Safety
Confined Space
Ergonomics/Back Safety
General Safety
NCCER Skills Assessment
Employee Orientation
Site Orientation
Unit Orientation
Visitor Orientation
Emergency Action Plan/Emergency Response
Bloodborne Pathogens
First Aid
Equipment Operations
Motor Vehicles
Hazardous Energy
Hazardous Substances
Hazard Communication
Hazardous Materials
Marine Safety
Protective Equipment
Fall Protection
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection

Training Courses
CodeCourse NameAdvertiseType
12SAFACCAccident/Incident Investigation - SAF Computer/Web-based00030,
19ADIBLADI Boilermaker Knowledge Test00039,
19ADIPKADI Pipefitter Knowledge Test00039,
19AERIALAerial Lift Safety Awareness00066,
09AIRBWAir bottle watch00026,
19ALBPCVAir Liquide Bayport Complex Visitor Orientation00026,
19ALFHYCAir Liquide Freeport HyCO Site Specific00066,
12ALGMPAir Liquide GMP and Food Safety00037,
19ALIASUAir Liquide Ingleside ASU00066,
12108AIRAir Liquide MRPL Site Orientations00000,
19ALRSMRAir Liquide Rodeo SMR Site-Specific00066,
19ALSASUAir Liquide Sulphur ASU Orientation00038,
19ALVASUAir Liquide Victoria ASU Site Specific00038,
19ALSWPAir Liquide Work Permitting Process00037,
12APALLAir Products - ALL LA Site Specific Orientations (includes 12APGEN)00037,
12APALLSAir Products - ALL LA Spanish Site-Specific Orientation (incl. 12APGENS)00037,
12APGENAir Products - GENERAL Safety Orientation00037,
12APGENSAir Products - GENERAL Safety Orientation (SPANISH)00037,
12APWSMRAir Products - Westlake SMR Site Orientation00037,
09APCCAir Products Corpus Christi Site Orientation00026,
19APLHYCAir Products La Port HyCo/Satellites00037,
19APPAAir Products Port Arthur Hydrogen Plants00037,
12AIRNEOAIR2 New Employee Orientation00038,
19ALBBPCAlbemarle Bayport Contractor Orientation00066,
19ALBBPAlbemarle Bayport Site Specific00037,
19ALBEMAlbemarle Corporation Pasadena Plant Site Specific00037,
12ALONTDAlon Krotz Springs Truck Driver Orientation00037,
12ALONVSAlon Krotz Springs Visitor Orientation00037,
14ALONORALON Site Orientation Big Springs, TX00037,
12ALONKSAlon USA Site Orientation - Krotz Springs La.00037,
19ASBOILAltair Strickland Boilermaker 
19ASCSAltair Strickland Confined Space 
19ASFIREAltair Strickland Fire Watch 
19ASFOREAltair Strickland Foreman 
19ASFORKAltair Strickland Forklift 
19ASHELPAltair Strickland Helper 
19ASLABAltair Strickland Laborers 
19ASPIPEAltair Strickland Pipefitter 
19ASRIGAltair Strickland Rigging 
19ASPROSAltair Strickland Safety Professional 
19ALTAIRAltair Strickland Safety Training00037,
19AMPXFAmerapex Corporation Field Staff Orienation00038,
12AMRSTYAmericas Styrenics Site Orientation - St. James, LA00037,
SWANCONANCON Marine New Employee Safety Orientation00026,
12APACHEApache Employee Orientation00038,
12APCHSApache Employee Orientation - Spanish00038,
12APCOApache Industrial Coatings Orientation00038,
12APO1Apollo Root Cause Analysis Facilitators Course00065,
12ARKELArkel Constructors New Employee Orientation00026,
03AWWAsbestos Awareness - (Non Reciprocal) Corpus Christi Safety Council00060,
12SAFASBAsbestos Awareness - SAF Computer/Web-Based00042,
07APM_ANAscend Performance Materials AN Unit00066,
07APMDSTAscend Performance Materials Distrubution Unit00066,
07APMDPOAscend Performance Materials DPO - Formalin Unit00066,
07APMECUAscend Performance Materials ECU Unit00066,
07APMLABAscend Performance Materials LAB Unit00066,
07APMHBAAscend Performance Materials MHBA Unit00066,
07APMNACAscend Performance Materials NaCN Unit00066,
07APMNTAAscend Performance Materials NTA/DSIDA Unit00066,
07ASCSOAscend Performance Materials Site Orientation00037,
08ASRDOMASR Group/Domino Sugar (Chalmette, LA)00037,
12AXLVAxiall La. Visitor Orientation00041,
12AXLPLQAxiall Site and Unit Orientation - Plaquemine, LA00037,
08BGATB&G Crane Annual Safety Training Orientation00038,
08B&GFTB&G Crane Forklift Training00026,
08B&GJSAB&G Crane Job Safety Analysis and Variance Procedure Training00066,
08B&GB&G Crane New Hire Orientation00038,
08B&GPTB&G Crane Power Line Training00039,
08B&GSTB&G Crane Signal Training00039,
12SAFBKCBack Safety - SAF Computer/Web Based00044,
26OKBHBBaker Hughes Barnsdall Site Orientation00037,
26OKBHSSBaker Hughes Sand Springs Orientation00037,
19BPCBPBaker Petrolite Corp. Bayport Site-Specific00066,
12BASFDNBASF Geismar - DNT Orientation00037,
12BSFDNVBASF Geismar - DNT Visitor Orientation00041,
12BASFPHBASF Geismar Phosgene Safety00039,
01BASFMCBASF McIntosh Site Orientation00037,
12BASFSUBASF Site and Unit Orientation (Geismar, LA)00037,
04BASFBASF Site Specific Orientation00066,
12BSFSUSBASF Spanish Site and Unit Safety Orientation (Geismar, LA)00037,
12BASFVDBASF Vidalia/Port Allen Site Orientation00037,
12BASFZBASF Zachary Site Orientation00037,
12BRBasic Orientation Plus - ARSC Reciprocal00000,
12BR1Basic Orientation Plus Refresher - ARSC Reciprocal00000,
19RIG1Basic Rigging Part 100042,
19RIG2Basic Rigging Part 200042,
12BYOCONBayou Concrete Employee Orientation00038,
12BENNEOBengal Employee Orientation00026,
12BENTDBengal Truck Driver Orientation00026,
A12BNZBenzene - ARSC Reciprocal 
19BENZENBenzene Awareness00057,
03BZWBenzene Training- (Non Reciprocal) Corpus Christi Safety Council00057,
12SAFBBPBloodborne Pathogens - SAF Computer/Web Based00051,
12BMSSOBoardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC Site Orientation00037,
12BOHBROBoh Brothers Employee Orientation00038,
12BPBIOFBP Bio-fuels Contractor Safety Orientation00037,
19BPRSOBP Cherry Point Refinery Site Orientation00037,
07BPDIBP Diversity and Inclusion / Code of Conduct 
12BPLUBBP Lubricants Site Orientation - Port Allen, La.00037,
08BPLNBP Pipelines North America Safety Orientation00039,
20BP03BP Security Procedures00039,
07BPTCCBP Texas City Chemical Site-Specific Orientation00026,
20BP05BP Waste Management, Air, Water00039,
08BSKLEBrand Services, Inc. (Skill Assessment) - English00039,
08BSKLSBrand Services, Inc. (Skills Assessment) - Spanish00039,
12BRANDBrand Services, Inc. Orientation00038,
12BRANDWBrand Services, Inc. What Would You Say00038,
12BRKDRVBrock Group - Safe Driving is No Accident00066,
19BRINSBrock Insulator Knowledge Check 
19BRPAINBrock Paint Knowledge Check 
19BRSCABrock Scaffold Knowledge Check 
12BULLIBulliRay Occupational Dog Bite Safety00030,
12BRNDRVBurkhalter New Driver Orientation00038,
12BRNEOBurkhalter Rigging New Employee Orientation00038,
12CAJUNCajun Industries, LLC New Employee Orientation00038,
19COGTOSCal OSHA GAP Training for Out-of-State Workers00066,
13CALREFCalcasieu Refining Co. Site Specific00037,
13CLNGCameron LNG Site Specific00037,
12CAWHMICanada WHMIS Refresher00060,
19CANUSACANUSA New Employee Orientation00038,
19CSLCat Spec, LTD. General Safety and Health Orientation Refresher00038,
19CSLLSRCat Spec, Ltd. Life Support System / Eagle 2 Refresher00026,
12CBIMCVCB&I Maintenance Construction (Verbal) New Employee Orientation00038,
12CBIMCCB&I Maintenance Construction New Employee Orientation00038,
12CBSLEOCBSL Employee Orientation00038,
12CBSLSPCBSL Employee Orientation - Spanish 
12CBRCRACBSL RCRA Orientation00026,
19CLPCOCelanese Clear Lake Contractor Orientation00037,
19CLPSWPCelanese Clear Lake Operations - Safe Work Permit00037,
12COSMCertificate for Occupational Safety Managers (1 week) - COSM00036,
12COSS3Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (LSU Semester) 
19CTSCertified Technical Service, Inc00038,
12CFINDCF Industries Site Orientation00037,
12CFINDVCF Industries Visitor Orientation00037,
08CHALMChalmette Refining Site Specific00026,
03COChemours Site Specific Web00026,
19CRRCSIChevron Division Safety Indoctrination - Richmond, CA00037,
19CDSTChevron Division Specific Training - Richmond, CA00037,
19CSWPChevron El Segundo Safe Work Practices00037,
19CSOChevron El Segundo Site Orientation00037,
08CP309AChevron Oronite Authorized Electrical Person Training00037,
08COCFWChevron Oronite Company - Belle Chasse - Fire Watch00066,
08COCChevron Oronite Company, LLC - Belle Chasse La.00037,
08COCCSEChevron Oronite Confined Space Entry00037,
08COCHAZChevron Oronite Hazard Identification00039,
08COCMTChevron Oronite Muster Training00037,
08CP309QChevron Oronite Qualified Electrical Person Training00037,
08COCROVChevron Oronite Release of Victim Training00037,
08CHVTSOChevron Pascagoula Vacuum Truck Safety Orientation00037,
15CVPSSChevron Phillips Borger Refinery Contractor Orientation00066,
19CHEVChevron Phillips Chemical Co. Cedar Bayou Facility00037,
04CPCSAEChevron Phillips Confined Space Attendant & Entrant00066,
04CPCCChevron Phillips Level 1 Craft00066,
19CPCL1Chevron Phillips Pasadena Plastics Level 100037,
04CPCChevron Phillips Site Orientation Level 2 Basic00066,
19RRVTSOChevron Richmond Refinery Vacuum Truck00066,
19CRVIChromium VI00057,
19CHSCHS Laurel Refinery Site-Specific00037,
19CHSMCPCHS McPherson Refinery Safety Orientation00042,
TRCPSCITGO Lemont Refinery00037,
03CTWCitgo Site Orientation00037,
03CTWFXCitgo Welding Fumes Web00039,
19CLEANCleaning up Small Chemical Spills00066,
12BR1CCOACHED Basic Orientation Plus Refresher Non-Reciprocal00030,
12628UTDCoaching the Utility Truck Driver II00030,
19COLDCold Stress00066,
12CDSTSCombustible Dust Awareness for Coal (Spanish) - PRB00030,
12CODUSTCombustible Dust Awareness for Coal - PRB00030,
12SAFCPGCompressed Gas Cylinders - SAF Computer/Web Based00030,
A12CSEConfined Space - ARSC Reciprocal00043,
12SAFCSConfined Space (Awareness) - SAF Computer/Web Based00043,
03CSWConfined Space Web - (Non Reciprocal) Corpus Christi Safety Council00043,
08CCCCornerstone Chemical Company00037,
08CCCPICornerstone Chemical Company Permit Initiator00037,
12COSM4COSM - Communicating the Safety Message00036,
12COSM1COSM - Essentials of Safety Management00065,
12COSM5COSM - Injury Management, Incentives and Discipline00036,
12COSM3COSM - Managing Risk and Safety Finance00065,
12COSM2COSM - Strategic Planning & Evaluating for Safety Success00065,
12COSSCOSS - Certified Occupational Safety Specialist00000,
09COVCovestro Baytown Site Specific00066,
09COVUCovestro Baytown Unit Specific00066,
12548CPRCPR and AED for the Community & Workplace - Adult00000,
19CISCrawford Industrial Services Safety Training00026,
12CRICSCriterion Confined Space00039,
12CRINQECriterion Electrical Safety - Non-Qualified00039,
12CRIQECriterion Electrical Safety - Qualified00039,
12CRIEMRCriterion Emergency Response00039,
12CRITEMCriterion Employee Orientation, Port Allen, LA00039,
12CRITFECriterion Fire Extinguisher Basics00039,
12CRIHCCriterion Hazard Communication00039,
12CRIHHTCriterion Health Hazard Training Orientation00039,
12CRHEARCriterion Hearing Conservation00039,
12CRLOTOCriterion Lockout Tagout00039,
12CRPPECriterion Personal Protective Equipment00039,
12CRRESPCriterion Respiratory Protection00039,
12CRITCriterion Site Orientation, Port Allen, LA00037,
12CRISWPCriterion SWPPP00039,
12CRWFHCriterion Working From Heights00039,
19COFCust-O-Fab New Employee Orientation00026,
08DAKDAK Americas Site Specific00026,
19DSGDeBusk Services Group Company Specific00066,
19DSGSUPDeBusk Services Group LLC Supervisor Training00066,
12SAFDDDefensive Driving - SAF Computer/Web Based00055,
05DELEKDelek Refining Site Specific00026,
1223DELTDeltech Orientation- Baton Rouge La.00037,
12SAFDOTDOT HAZMAT Transportation Security - SAF Computer/Web Based00048,
08SCOSSBDow Chemical (Taft, LA) SCO Site Orientation00037,
08SCOSSRDow Chemical (Taft, LA) SCO Site Refresher Orientation00037,
04DOWSSDow Chemical Freeport Site Orientation00037,
08SCOCSADow Chemical SCO Confined Space Attendant00039,
08SCOCSEDow Chemical SCO Confined Space Entrant00039,
08SCOISPDow Chemical SCO Electrically Instructed-Skilled Persons00039,
08SCOEQPDow Chemical SCO Electrically Qualified Persons00039,
08SCOFWADow Chemical SCO Fire-Watch Attendant00039,
08SCOIESDow Chemical SCO Isolated Energy Sources00039,
08SCOLNPDow Chemical SCO Lifts Near Power Lines00039,
08SCOOWBDow Chemical SCO Office Worker Basic Site Orientation00039,
08SCOOWRDow Chemical SCO Office Worker Basic Site Orientation Refresher00039,
08SCOSUDow Chemical SCO Scaffold User00039,
08SCOFLGDow Chemical SCO Site Flange Makeup00039,
04FLANGEDow Flange00037,
07DWSDDow Gulf Coast Contractor Safe Driver00039,
07DOWSSDow Gulf Coast Contractor Site Specific00037,
12DOWGCPDOW Gulf Coast Pipeline Training Course00037,
19DOWCIWDow Gulf Coast Region Contractor Industrial Worker00037,
19DOWDRDow Gulf Coast Region Driver00039,
19FLAGGRDow Gulf Coast Region Flagger00039,
19DOWIOEDow Gulf Coast Region Isolation of Energy00039,
19DOWSSDow Gulf Coast Region Site Specific00037,
12DOWGSDow Gulf Stream Indoctrination00037,
12DOWGSSDow Gulf Stream Indoctrination (Spanish) 
19DOWPUPDow Houston HUB Maintence Procedure Use Policy (PUP)00026,
19HUBPH1DOW Hub Buddy Policy Phase 100066,
19DOWICDow iCard Training00066,
04DOWCIWDow Industrial Worker00037,
04DOWIOEDow Isolation of Energy00037,
12DOWCPADow LA Operations (Plaquemine) Permit Acceptor00037,
1224DOWDow LA Operations (Plaquemine) Site Orientation00037,
1224DOWSDow LA Operations (Plaquemine) Site Orientation - Spanish00037,
12DOWLHDow LA Operations Hydrocarbons (LHC2 and LHC3) Units00040,
12DOWPBDow LA Operations Poly B Unit00037,
12DOWESDow Louisiana Operations Energy Systems Unit Orientation00040,
12DOWEOPDow Louisiana Operations Environmental Operations (Plaquemine)00000,
12DOWGLYDow Louisiana Operations Glycol Unit Orientation00037,
12DOWHCRDow Louisiana Operations Hydrocarbons Control Room Project00037,
12DWHCRSDow Louisiana Operations Hydrocarbons Control Room Project - Spanish00037,
12DOWPLADow Louisiana Operations Poly A Unit Orientation00040,
12DOWCDow Louisiana Operations Poly C Indoctrination00037,
04DOWOCHDow Oyster Creek Hydrocarbons Indoctrination00026,
19DOWSADow Security Awareness Contractor Training00026,
04DOWSPODow Site Pipeline Orientation00066,
04DOWTSEDow Turnaround Safety Expectation00026,
04DOWVDPDow Vehicle Driving00037,
12DRONEDrone Basic Training00042,
12DRONFLDrone Flight School - Phantom 3 and Inspire Training - 2 Parts00042,
12DUNNRBDunn Road Builders Employee Orientation00026,
19DUPONTDuPonT La Porte Site Specific00037,
20DPT01Dupont Mobile Site Orientation00037,
08DURSV1DuPont Ponchartrain Works Site Specific Orientation00037,
1221DSMBEast West Copolymer (formerly Lion Copolymer) Orientation - Baton Rouge La.00037,
05TXOCSEastman Chemical Company (TXO) Confined Space Permit00037,
05TXOEastman Chemical Company (TXO) Longview Site00037,
12ECHOEcho Powerlines Employee Safety Orientation00026,
19SLVYBEco Services Operations LLC Baytown Site Specific (formerly Solvay)00037,
19SLVYHEco Services Operations LLC Houston Site Specific (formerly Solvay)00026,
12SAFELEElectrical Safe Work Practices - SAF Computer/Web Based00061,
19ELWElevated Work (Non-Reciprocal) - Houston Safety Council)00047,
19EPCElite Piping and Civil General Safety and Health Annual Refresher 
19ETSElite Turnaround Specialists General Safety & Health Orientation Refresher 
12EMPSCEmpire Scaffold New Employee Orientation00038,
TRFPCBTSEnhanced User Fall Protection and Scaffold User Training00026,
09ENTSEntergy Sabine Refinery - Supervisor00026,
09ENTEntergy Sabine Refinery Site Specific00066,
12ENTBPEnterprise Products - Burns Point00037,
12ENTNPEnterprise Products - Neptune Plant00037,
12ENTNCEnterprise Products - Norco Plant00037,
12ENTNTEnterprise Products - North Terrebonne Plant00037,
12ENPPAEnterprise Products - Port Allen Plant00037,
12ENPPXEnterprise Products - Promix Facility00037,
12ENTSREnterprise Products - Sea Robin Plant00037,
12ENTTBEnterprise Products - Tebone Plant00037,
12ENTTCEnterprise Products - Toca Plant00037,
09ENPCCHEnterprise Products General - Coached00066,
09ENPEnterprise Products General Site Specific00026,
19ENPHSCEnterprise Products Houston Ship Channel00066,
09ENPMBEnterprise Products Mont Belvieu Site Specific00026,
09ENPMPEnterprise Products Morgan's Point Site Specific00026,
19EQUPLEquistar Pipeline Orientation00037,
03ESEquistar Site Specific00038,
12SAFERGErgonomics - SAF Computer/Web Based00044,
12EXCELExcel Contractors Incorporated New Hire Orientation 
19EXCLC1Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 1 Orientation00026,
19EXCLC2Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 2 Orientation00026,
19EXCLH1Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 1 Orientation00026,
19EXCLH2Excel Modular Scaffold Helper II Orientation00026,
19EXSCExcel Modular Scaffold New Hire Orientation00041,
12EXMOBRExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery/Chemical/Polyolefins/Plastics/Resins00037,
19EMCOMBExxonMobil Baytown Combo Site Orientation00037,
19EMBOPExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant00037,
09MOLDARExxonMobil Beaumont Leak Detection and Repair00066,
19EMBOPCExxonMobil BOP Crew Member00040,
19EMBOP1ExxonMobil BOP Mobile Crane Operations I00066,
19EMBOP2ExxonMobil BOP Mobile Crane Operations II00026,
19BOPOHMExxonMobil BOP Overhead Crane and Manual Chain Hoist00026,
19EMBOPRExxonMobil BOP Permit Recipient00026,
19EMBOPEExxonMobil BOP Permit to Enter00026,
12XOMBPAExxonMobil BRPP Work Permission Book Training00037,
12XOMPPAExxonMobil BRPP Work Permit Acceptor Training00037,
TREMSExxonMobil Joliet Refinery Site Specific00037,
19EMMBPPExxonMobil MBPP Site-Specific 
12EXMOBPExxonMobil Pensacola00037,
09MOPMTRExxonMobil Permit Training - Beaumont00066,
09MOExxonMobil Refinery and Chemical Plant - Beaumont00037,
19EMSSWPExxonMobil Short Services Worker Program00039,
19EMTRExxonMobil Torrance Refinery Contractor Orientation00026,
19FSAFacility Security Awareness00049,
12SAFFPCFall Protection - SAF Computer/Web Based00047,
12SAFFEXFire Extinguisher Basics - SAF Computer/Web Based00048,
12SAFFIRFire Safety - SAF Computer/Web Based00048,
A12FWAFire Watch - ARSC Reciprocal00030,
19FWATCHFire Watch General Awareness00066,
13FIRESTFirestone Site Specific (Lake Charles, LA and Orange, TX)00066,
12807FIWFirewatch - Fire Ext/Explosimeter Basics 4 Hours with Practice00048,
12545AIDFirst Aid - 4 Hours00050,
08FIRSTCFirst Chemical Corporation Pascagoula, MS00037,
03HFWFlint Hills Alky (MRSEC Site REQ)00066,
03FFFlint Hills Fringe Site Specific00066,
03FLWFlint Hills Safety Lead (MRSEC Site REQ)00066,
03FSWFlint Hills Site Web Training00037,
13FLUORFluor Site-Specific for Sasol- Lake Charles00026,
19FORCRPForce Corporation Roadway Worker Protection Company-Specific00026,
12FBDFord, Bacon and Davis New Employee Orientation00038,
12FBDRFord, Bacon and Davis Refresher00026,
12TSFKSAForklift Safety00066,
12SAFFSWForklift Safety - SAF Computer/Web-Based00030,
19FORKLForklift Safety Awareness00066,
12611FCBForklift Safety Operator Evaluation 
04FKLForklift Training - Freeport Tx00030,
19FPCORTFormosa Plastics Corp Site-Specific Orientation00037,
19FPC13BFormosa Plastics Corp. 1,3-Butadiene00037,
19FPCBENFormosa Plastics Corp. Benzene00037,
19FPCCHRFormosa Plastics Corp. Chromium VI00066,
19FPCCRYFormosa Plastics Corp. Cryogenic Safety Awareness00037,
19FPCETOFormosa Plastics Corp. Ethylene Oxide00066,
19FPCHAZFormosa Plastics Corp. Hazardous Energy Control00037,
19FPCHMSFormosa Plastics Corp. Hazardous Materials Security00066,
19FPCMTSFormosa Plastics Corp. MTSA Security Awareness as required by 33 CFR 105.2100066,
19FPCNITFormosa Plastics Corp. Nitrogen Awareness00037,
19FPCPMTFormosa Plastics Corp. Permitting for Contractors00037,
19FPCGP1Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 100066,
19FPCGP2Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 200026,
19FPCGP3Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 300066,
19FPCGP4Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 400066,
19FPCGP5Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 500066,
19FPCVINFormosa Plastics Corp. Vinyl Chloride Chemical Specific Monomer00066,
1230FORMFormosa Plastics Orientation - Baton Rouge La00037,
12FTSNEOFurnace and Tube Service New Hire Orientation00038,
08GALATAGalata Chemicals Site-Specific Orientation00037,
07GBRHFGalveston Bay Refinery HF Alky 3 
07GBRLCSGalveston Bay Refinery Life Critical Safety00038,
07GBRSPPGalveston Bay Refinery Safety Practices and Policies00037,
07GBRSAEGalveston Bay Refinery Security and Environmental00037,
19SYNGBGB Biosciences Greens Bayou Plant Site-Specific00026,
12HBRGBRIA Safety Fundamentals for Hydroblasting00030,
12GBSREGBRIA Safety Recertification Exam00030,
12GEOHEGEO Heat Exchange New Employee Orientation00038,
1232GAPCGeorgia Pacific Site Orientation, Port Hudson, LA00037,
1213GHSGHS - An Introduction to the Globally Harmonized System 
12GISSOGIS Safety Orientation 
12GHSGlobal Harmonized System (GHS) Train the Trainer00065,
A12GHSGlobally Harmonized System (GHS) - ARSC Reciprocal00060,
08GSHACGrace SHAC Catalyst Site Specific00037,
12GREENEGreene's Energy Group New Employee Orientation 
12GROUPGroup Contractors New Employee Orientation00038,
SC11110Gulf Coast DISA DCCOF Oral Screen 
SC72707Gulf Coast Drager Pan FF 
SC72607Gulf Coast Instacheck 10 Panel 
GCOMTESTGulf Coast Occ. Med. Testing Required 
04GULFSTGulf Stream Site Orientation00026,
03HSH2S Refinery Trained Web00057,
19HTICOEHaldor Topsoe Pasadena00026,
12SAFHPTHand and Power Tool Safety - SAF Computer/Web-Based00063,
19HARIGHASC Rigging Assessment00066,
12HAUGHaugland Energy Group Employee Orientation00026,
12SAFHZCHazard Communication (HAZCOM) - SAF Computer/Web Based00060,
12SAFHMTHazardous Materials Transportation - SAF Computer/Web Based00058,
12581HZ1HAZWOPER - 16 Hours (Upgrade from 24 to 40 Hour)00059,
12513HZ2HAZWOPER 24 Hour (First Responder Operations) Level 200059,
12514HZ4HAZWOPER 40 hour (Hazardous Materials Technician Level) Level 300059,
12511HZRHAZWOPER 8 Hour Annual Refresher00059,
12SAFHZ1HAZWOPER First Responder Awareness (Level 1) - SAF Computer/Web-Based00059,
03HCWHCW Celanese Bishop Web 
12SAFHCSHearing Conservation - SAF Computer/Web Based00045,
12SAFHTSHeat Stress - SAF Computer/Web Based00042,
09HEXCR6Hexavalent Chromium00057,
19HEXDPHexion Deer Park Site Orientation00037,
08HEXIEOHexion Environmental Orientation00037,
08HEXISSHexion Specialty Chemicals (Norco, LA)00037,
04HFACIDHF Acid / Phillips 66 Orientation00066,
19HITECHHi-Tech Industrial Services00026,
HMTCSEAHMT Confined Space Entrant/Attendant - Beaumont, TX00039,
FW/HWHMT Firewatch/Hotwatch - Beaumont, TX00039,
14HMTAHMTA Orientation - Odessa Texas00037,
14HMTBHMTB Orientation - Odessa, Texas00037,
14HMTCHMTC Orientation - Odessa, Texas00037,
1207HNYBHoneywell - Baton Rouge Site Orientation00037,
09HONHRHoneywell - High Risk Site Specific00037,
12HNYBPHoneywell Baton Rouge Permit Orientation00037,
1206HNYGHoneywell Geismar Site Orientation, Geismar La.00037,
12HNYBSPHoneywell Spanish Baton Rouge, La Site Orientation00037,
19HVNSACHOVENSA Contractor Orientation00037,
19HVLOTOHOVENSA Lockout / Tagout00066,
19HVNSWPHOVENSA Work Permits Orientation00039,
12HUPRFHuman Performance - Understanding the Basics00066,
12HUPRFSHuman Performance - Understanding the Basics (Spanish)00094,
12HPAHuman Performance Awareness - Module 100000,
01HNTSMNHuntsman McIntosh Site Orientation00037,
12HCELDHydrochem - DOT Entry Level Driver 
12HCDTHZHydrochem - DOT Hazmat00026,
12HCHOSHydrochem - DOT Hours of Service 
12HCPTVIHydrochem - DOT Pre/Post Trip Vehicle Inspection00038,
12HCDRVHydrochem - Safe Driving is No Accident00038,
12HCAAM1HydroChem Course Advanced Air Machines 100038,
12HCAAM2HydroChem Course Advanced Air Machines 200038,
12HCAAM3HydroChem Course Advanced Air Machines 300038,
12HCALV1HydroChem Course Advanced Liquid Vacuum Tanker 100038,
12HCALV2HydroChem Course Advanced Liquid Vacuum Tanker 200038,
12HCBAMHydroChem Course Basic Air Machine00038,
12HCBLVTHydroChem Course Basic Liquid Vacuum Tanker00038,
12HCHAZ1HydroChem Course Hazwoper Part 1 Orientation00038,
12HCHAZ2HydroChem Course Hazwoper Part 2 Orientation00038,
12HCHAZ3HydroChem Course Hazwoper Part 3 Orientation00038,
12HCAHB1HydroChem Course Hydroblasting 100038,
12HCAHB2HydroChem Course Hydroblasting 200038,
12HCBLMTHydroChem Course HydroBlasting Maintenance Orientation00038,
12HCBLASHydroChem Course HydroBlasting Safety Orientation00038,
12HYNHHydroChem Course New Hire Orientation00038,
12HCRSHydroChem Course Reasonable Suspicion00038,
12HCVCMTHydroChem Course Vacuum Maintenance Orientation00038,
12HCVACHydroChem Course Vacuum Safety Orientation00038,
12HCPCNHydrochem Pipe Cleaning00026,
12HCSFCNHydrochem Surface Cleaning00026,
12HCTBCNHydroChem Tube Cleaning00026,
20HFA01Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Awareness00057,
A12H2SHydrogen Sulfide (H2S) - ARSC Reciprocal00066,
12SAFH2SHydrogen Sulfide - SAF Computer/Web Based00057,
12HYTORCHytorc: Principles of Safe Bolting00030,
12IBVNEOIberville Companies New Employee Orientation 
12IBVEOSIberville Companies Spanish New Employee Orientation 
12IDCNEOIDC New Employee Orientation00066,
12DCBSCIdCard Company Employee ID Badge 
12DSECIdCard Security Passport Duplicate 
19IISGWIISG Recommended Practices for Waterjetting Equipment00038,
12IMTCNHIMTC New Hire Orientation and Annual Refresher00026,
12IMTSPIMTC Supervisor Orientation00026,
08IMTTIMTT - (St. Rose, Avondale, & Gretna combined)00037,
12IMTTIMTT Geismar Site Orientation00037,
13IVOLIndorama Ventures Olefins Site Specific Orientation00037,
12515ICCIndustrial Coating Contractors Orientation - (ICC)00038,
19INBMCINEOS Battleground Manufacturing Complex00026,
07INCB-FINEOS CBW Site Specific Orientation 
19IISGInland Industrial Services Group Company-Specific00038,
12INNPHInnophos Site Orientation - Geismar La.00037,
12INNPHVInnophos Visitor Orientation - Geismar, LA00041,
08IIEInsulations Incorporated Company Orientation - English00026,
08IISInsulations Incorporated Company Orientation - Spanish00026,
19ITCIntercontinental Terminals Company00037,
12ITCBRIntercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) Site Orientation00037,
19ITCBDIntercontinental Terminals Company 1,3 Butadiene00037,
19ITCBZIntercontinental Terminals Company Benzene Awareness00037,
19INTRANIntertek Annual Traning00026,
19INTRNHIntertek New Hire Orientation00026,
19INTRSLIntertek Safety Leadership00026,
09INVOCInvista Combo Site Specific00037,
12IRBYIrby Construction Employee Orientation00038,
12ISCNEOISC Constructors New Employee Orientation00026,
20IVXP_AIVXP Orientation, Part 100066,
20IVXP_BIVXP Orientation, Part 200066,
21JCLNHJCL New Hire Orientation00026,
19JGTLJuniper GTL Site Specific00037,
19JVIJV Industrial Company's Employee Orientation00038,
19JVIEMPJV Industrial Employee Handbook Orientation00038,
19JVFLBJV Industrial Flange Assembly and First Line Break00039,
19JVHSJV Industrial Hand Safety00039,
19JVTORQJV Industrial How to Safely Use Torque Tools00039,
19JVLEAKJV Industrial Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Leak Testing00039,
19JVSCAFJV Industrial Services Scaffold Erectors & Dismantlers Training00039,
19JVSOJV Safety Orientation00039,
19JVCRVIJVIC Hexavalent Chromium Orientation00039,
01KEMMOBKemira Mobile Manufacturing Site Orientation00037,
12KENTKent Power Employee Safety Orientation00066,
19KSPSRWKoch Speciality Plant Services Respectful Workplace00066,
19KSPSKoch Specialty Plant Services00026,
12SAFLABLaboratory Safety - SAF Computer/Web Based00057,
09LXORGLanxess - Orange, TX Site Specific00066,
12LCSERLC Geismar Services Site Orientation (Monochem)00037,
12SAFLDLead Awareness - SAF Computer/Web-Based00042,
12LIONGELion Copolymer Geismar Site Orientation (Crompton)00037,
05LIONLion Oil Company El Dorado Refinery Site Specific00026,
19LOTOLockout/Tagout (LOTO - Non-Reciprocal) - Houston Safety Council)00061,
12SAFLTOLockout/Tagout - SAF Computer/Web Based00061,
12LACSILouisiana CSI Employee Orientation 
13NORMLouisiana Pigment Norm Orientation00066,
13RMPLouisiana Pigment RMP Orientation00066,
13LAPIGLouisiana Pigment Safety Orientation00037,
12LSRLouisiana Sugar Refinery Safety Orientation00037,
20LUC02Lucite Line of Fire Orientation00026,
20LUC01Lucite Site Orientation00040,
13LYB108Lyondell Basell Site Specific - Orientation Hwy 10800037,
19EQUCBFLyondell Chocolate Bayou Site Orientation00037,
19LHRLyondell Houston Refining Site Orientation Only (no turnaround)00037,
19EQULPOLyondell La Porte Complex Contractor Orientation 
19ESTARVLyondell Victoria Site Specific00066,
19LYBBPCLyondellBasell Bayport Complex00037,
19CVOLyondellBasell Industries - CVO Channelview Complex00037,
19EQUMTOLyondellBasell Matagorda Site Specific00037,
TRLCCSLyondellBasell Morris Site Specific00026,
12MANSFIMansfield Industrial New Employee Orientation00038,
WMCCSMarathon Catlettsburg Confined Space Entry Orientation00039,
WMCELECMarathon Catlettsburg Electrical Safe Work Instructions for Electricians00039,
WMCNELECMarathon Catlettsburg Electrical Safety Non-Electrical Worker Orientation00039,
WMCELEVWMarathon Catlettsburg Elevated Work Orientation00039,
WMCGSWIMarathon Catlettsburg General Safety Work Instructions Orientation00039,
WMCHFAMarathon Catlettsburg HF Alky Safety Orientation00039,
WMCHTMarathon Catlettsburg Hot Tap/In Service Weld Orientation00039,
WMCHWMarathon Catlettsburg Hot Work Orientation00039,
WMCLOTOAMarathon Catlettsburg Lockout/Tagout Orientation00039,
WMCLOTOSMarathon Catlettsburg Lockout/Tagout Supervisor/Safety Orientation00039,
WMCMMFAMarathon Catlettsburg Marine Facilities Awareness00039,
WMCOPPMarathon Catlettsburg Opening Process Piping Orientation00039,
WMCTRCMarathon Catlettsburg Responsible Care Orientation 
WMCSWPMarathon Catlettsburg Safe Work Permit Orientation00039,
07MO-HFMarathon HF Acid, Texas City00037,
12MARAHFMarathon HF Unit Orientation - Garyville, LA00037,
12MARLASMarathon Petroleum Site Orientation (Spanish) - Garyville, LA00037,
12MARLAMarathon Petroleum Site Orientation - Garyville, LA00026,
07MO-SCMarathon Safety Critical, Texas City00039,
07MOMarathon Site Specific, Texas City00037,
12SAFMARMarine (Port) - SAF Computer/Web Based00056,
09MARSECMaritime Security Act00066,
03MRSECMARSEC Web Training00049,
12MSTVACMaster Vac New Employee Orientation00038,
12SAFMSDMaterial Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) - SAF Computer/Web-Based00057,
19MTXCUTMatrix Service Angle Grinder and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting00066,
19MTXBMBMatrix Service Boilermaker Assessment00026,
19MTXREFMatrix Service C-Stop Refresher00038,
19MTXPFBMatrix Service Pipefitter Assessment00026,
19MTXAIRMatrix Service Supplied Air Exam00066,
07MATRIXMatrix Services Company Course 
19NCRAMSMcPherson Refinery Safety Orientation Training - Spanish00037,
12MEISUPMEI Supervisor Training00026,
1261MEIMEI, CTTI, IMTC, REFCO, and E&I Specialists New Hire Orientation00038,
19MEMCPMEMC Pasadena Site Specific00057,
12MTHNXMethanex Site Orientation (Geismar, LA)00037,
1235MEXIMexichem Fluor Site Orientation00037,
08SPMPCMississippi Phosphates Site Orientation - Spanish00037,
12MMCEOMMC Materials Employee Orientation00038,
12HEXBAYMomentive (Hexion) Chemicals Site Orientation - Baytown, TX00037,
12HEXGEMomentiveSpecialty Chemicals Inc. Orientation - St. Gabriel (Hexion)00037,
12HEXGEVMomentiveSpecialty Chemicals Visitor Orientation-St. Gabriel (Hexion)00037,
12MOSLAMosaic Louisiana Site Orientation00037,
12MOSFMosaic Site Specific Florida00037,
12MOTIVAMotiva - Convent Site and Unit Orientation00037,
12MOTVASMotiva Convent - Site and Unit Orientation (Spanish)00037,
19NALCONalco - SugarLand Contractor and Visitor Orientation00037,
19CHMP01Nalco Champion Fresno Site-Specific00066,
1241NALCNalco Site Orientation - Garyville La.00037,
08SSCNASA SSC Construction Safety Orientation00038,
19NORMNatural Radioactive Materials00066,
NCPTBLNCCER Boilermaker Exchanger Skill Assessment00000,
NCCFNCCER Concrete Finisher Skill Assessment00000,
NCDMNCCER Drywall Mechanic Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEBNCCER Heavy Equipment Backhoe Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEDNCCER Heavy Equipment Dozer Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEDTNCCER Heavy Equipment Dump Truck Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEENCCER Heavy Equipment Excavator Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEFNCCER Heavy Equipment Forklift Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEL1NCCER Heavy Equipment Level One Skill Assessment00000,
NCHELNCCER Heavy Equipment Loader Skill Assessment00000,
NCHEMGNCCER Heavy Equipment Motor Grader Skill Assessment00000,
NCHERNCCER Heavy Equipment Roller Skill Assessment00000,
NCHESNCCER Heavy Equipment Scrapers Skill Assessment00000,
NCHVACNCCER HVAC Skill Assessment00000,
NCHTNCCER Hydroblast Technician Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDCNCCER Industrial Carpentry Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDENCCER Industrial Electrical Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDISNCCER Industrial Insulator (Spanish) Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDINCCER Industrial Insulator Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDIWNCCER Industrial Ironworker Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDMNCCER Industrial Millwright Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDPNCCER Industrial Painter Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDPFSNCCER Industrial Pipefitter (Spanish) Skill Assessment00000,
NCINDPFNCCER Industrial Pipefitter Skill Assessment00000,
NCINSTCHNCCER Instrument Technician Skill Assessment00000,
NCINSFTNCCER Instrumentation Fitter Skill Assessment00000,
NCRIRNCCER Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Skill Assessment00000,
NCSCFNCCER Scaffold Skill Assessment00000,
12NEWTNewtron, Inc. New Employee Orientation00038,
19NASAPNorth American Substance Abuse Program - Awareness 
19NASAPSNorth American Substance Abuse Program - Supervisors00053,
12NLUSONorthline Utility Safety Orientation00066,
12NRGLANRG (Big Cajun) Site Orientation00037,
12NUCORNucor Steel Louisiana Orientation00037,
08NUSTARNuStar Entergy Site Specific00041,
12OXYGEOccidental (Oxy Chem) Site Orientation - Geismar, LA (Vulcan)00037,
12OXYCLOccidental (OxyChem) Cell Line Orientation - Geismar, LA (Vulcan)00040,
12SAFOFSOffice Safety – SAF Computer/Web Based00042,
19OISOhmstede Industrial Services Company Specific00038,
19OISJSAOhmstede Industrial Services Hazard Awareness & JSA Training 
19OISSPOhmstede Industrial Services Signal Person Hand and Radio00026,
12OLINCHOlin Cell House Orientation - St. Gabriel, LA (Pioneer)00039,
12OLINSGOlin Site Orientation - St. Gabriel, LA (Pioneer)00037,
12OLINTDOlin Truck Driver Orientation - St. Gabriel, LA00037,
12OLINVIOlin Visitor Orientation - St. Gabriel, LA00041,
12OFSNEOOptimal Field Services New Employee Orientation00026,
121010OSHA 10-hr Construction - Computer/Web-Based00067,
121011OSHA 10-hr General Industry - Computer/Web-Based00030,
12615C10OSHA 1010 (OSHA 10 hr-Construction)00030,
122055OSHA 2055 Cranes in Construction00042,
122225OSHA 2225 Respiratory Protection00030,
122264OSHA 2264 - Permit Required Confined Space00030,
120030OSHA 30-hr Construction - Computer/Web-Based00030,
123015OSHA 3015 - Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics00030,
123095OSHA 3095 - Electrical Standards00030,
123115OSHA 3115 - Fall Protection00042,
12500OSHA 500 - Trainer Course for the Construction Industry00030,
12501OSHA 501 - Trainer Course for General Industry00030,
12502OSHA 502 - Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers00042,
12503OSHA 503 - Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers00030,
12510BOSHA 510 - Standards for Construction Industry00030,
12511OSHA 511 - Standards for General Industry00030,
12521OSHA 521 - OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene00030,
125400OSHA 5400 - Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for the Maritime Industry00033,
125410OSHA 5410 - Occupational Safety & Health Standards for Maritime Industry00033,
125810OSHA 5810 - Hazards Recognition and Standards for On-Shore Oil and Gas00042,
127005OSHA 7005 - Public Warehousing and Storage00042,
127105OSHA 7105 - Evacuation and Emergency Planning00030,
127115OSHA 7115 - Lockout/Tagout00042,
1272051OSHA 7205 - Health Hazard Awareness00042,
127300OSHA 7300 - Permit-Required Confined Space Standard00065,
127400OSHA 7400 - Noise Hazards in the Construction Industry00042,
127405OSHA 7405 - Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry00047,
12741OSHA 7410 - Managing Excavation Hazards00042,
127500OSHA 7500 - Introduction to Safety and Health Management00042,
127505OSHA 7505 - Introduction to Incident (Accident) Investigation00065,
127845OSHA 7845 - Recordkeeping Rule Seminar00065,
19OQEXCVOSHA/DOT Excavation Safety00066,
19OVERHOverhead and Gantry Crane Safety00066,
03OIWOxyChem (Occidental Chemical Corp) Ingleside, TX00066,
1242OCCNOxyChem (Occidental) Site Orientation - Convent, LA00037,
08OXYCELOxyChem Cell Line Orientation (Taft, LA)00040,
19OXYGENOxyChem General Procedures00039,
19OXYKEYOxyChem Key Procedure00039,
01OXYOxyChem Muscle Schols Site Orientation00026,
08OXYOXYCHEM Site Orentation - Taft, La.00037,
12OXYGEVOxyChem Visitor Orientation - Geismar, LA (Vulcan)00041,
19P66SRCP66 SFR Contractor Site Specific Orientation00066,
19PRSIPasadena Refining System Inc. Site Orientation00037,
19PTCEPasadena Tank Corporation Site Specific00037,
21PRCSNJPaulsboro Refinery Site Specific00037,
12SAFPCBPCB Awareness - SAF Computer/Web-Based00063,
19PCIPCI Nitrogen, LLC Site Specific00066,
12PCSNITPCS Nitrogen, Geismar Site Orientation00037,
12PCSNTVPCS Nitrogen, Geismar Visitor Orientation00041,
12PERFBPerformance Contractors - Basic Orientation00038,
12PERFCPPerformance Contractors - Comprehensive Orientation00026,
12PERFCSPerformance Contractors Spanish - Comprehensive Orientation00026,
12SAFPPEPersonal Protective Equipment - SAF Computer/Web Based00045,
12PSSUPPetrin and SRES Supervisor Training 
12PETBYPetrin Blast Yard New Employee Orientation00026,
12PETRINPetrin New Employee Orientation00026,
19P66BPhillips 66 Billings Refinery Contractor Orientation00026,
15P66BORPhillips 66 Borger Refinery Contractor Orientation00041,
19P66FHFPhillips 66 Ferndale Refinery Hydrofluric Acid00026,
19P66FPhillips 66 Ferndale Refinery Site Specific00026,
04PHM1Phillips 66 Level 100026,
04PHM2Phillips 66 Level 200026,
08PPOLYPinnacle Polymers - Garyville, LA Site Orientation00037,
19PLPHOUPL Propylene Houston Plant Site-Specific00037,
12PRHFAKPlacid Alkylation Unit Safety Orientation - Port Allen00037,
12PRLDARPlacid Refining Employee LDAR Orientation00026,
12PREFSPlacid Refining Site Orientation - Spanish - Port Allen, LA00037,
12656PRCPlacid Refining Site Orientation- Port Allen La.00037,
19P2SPlant Performance Services Company Specific - P2S00038,
19PTOOLPowered Hand Tools General Awareness00066,
12AMILRPowerSafe Ameren Illinois Rivers Contractor Safety Orientation 
12AMNESBPowerSafe Ameren’s Class 2 Qualified Employee/Substation Entry00064,
12CPCSPowerSafe Calpine Confined Space Orientation00026,
12CPELEPowerSafe Calpine Electrical Safety Orientation00037,
12CPFPPowerSafe Calpine Fall Protection00026,
12CPGENPowerSafe Calpine General Safety Orientation00026,
12CPJSAPowerSafe Calpine Job Safety Analysis Orientation00064,
12CPLTOPowerSafe Calpine Lockout/Tagout Orientation00026,
12CBVISPowerSafe Calpine Visitor Orientation00026,
12DKDOPSPowerSafe Duke (Spanish) Dropped Object Prevention00026,
12DKFHOSPowerSafe Duke (Spanish) General FHO Orientation00037,
12DKHLSPowerSafe Duke (Spanish) Hazardous Locations/Intrinsically Safe00026,
12DKHPSPowerSafe Duke (Spanish) Human Performance (HP) Overview00026,
12DLKTOSPowerSafe Duke (Spanish) Lockout/Tagout00026,
12DKPSMSPowerSafe Duke (Spanish) PSM/RMP General Awareness00064,
12DKDOPPowerSafe Duke Dropped Object Prevention00026,
12DKFHOPowerSafe Duke General FHO Orientation00026,
12DKHLISPowerSafe Duke Hazardous Locations/Intrinsically Safe Equipment00037,
12DKHPPowerSafe Duke Human Performance (HP) Overview00037,
12DKLTOPowerSafe Duke Lockout/Tagout00026,
12DKPSMPowerSafe Duke PSM/RMP General Awareness00026,
12DPSPowerSafe Duplicate Card00064,
12ENTGSPowerSafe Entergy Annual Gas Specific00064,
12ENTGSSPowerSafe Entergy Annual Gas Specific - Spanish00064,
12ENTCLEPowerSafe Entergy Clearance00026,
12ENTEPZPowerSafe Entergy EPZ Annual Specific00064,
12ENTCSPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Confined Space Attendant00064,
12ENTCSEPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Confined Space Entrant00064,
12ENTCSSPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Confined Space Entry Supervisor00064,
12ENTCSOPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Confined Space Overview00064,
12ENTFPPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Fall Protection00026,
12ENTLTOPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Lockout/Tagout00026,
12ENTFRPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Refresher00064,
12ENTFRSPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Refresher Spanish00064,
12ENTFOPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Specific00064,
12ENTFOSPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Specific (Spanish)00064,
12ENTWGHPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Welding, Grinding, and Hot Work00026,
12ENTFWPPowerSafe Entergy Fossil Work Area Protection00064,
12ENTMALPowerSafe Entergy Maintenance Alteration Log Process00026,
12ENTSTMPowerSafe Entergy Storm - Full Safety Orientation00064,
12ENTSMAPowerSafe Entergy Storm - Mutual Assistance Orientation00064,
12ENTSVGPowerSafe Entergy Storm - Vegetation Orientation00064,
12ENTTDPowerSafe Entergy T&D Annual Specific00042,
12ENTTDSPowerSafe Entergy T&D Annual Specific - Spanish00037,
12PSGENPowerSafe Generation00000,
12PSGENPPowerSafe Generation (PROCTORED)00030,
12PSGTPPowerSafe Generation Electronic Exam (PROCTORED)00064,
12PSGENRPowerSafe Generation Refresher00030,
12PSGNRPPowerSafe Generation Refresher (PROCTORED)00030,
12PSGRSPowerSafe Generation Refresher Spanish00030,
12PSGRSPPowerSafe Generation Refresher Spanish (PROCTORED)00030,
12PSGENSPowerSafe Generation Spanish00030,
12PSGNPSPowerSafe Generation Spanish (PROCTORED)00030,
12PSLINEPowerSafe Linemen Specific Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSMETRPowerSafe Meter Reader Specific Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSMRRPowerSafe Meter Reader Specific Refresher - Computer/Web-Based00030,
12PSMETSPowerSafe Meter Services Specific Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSMSVRPowerSafe Meter Services Specific Refresher Computer/Web-Based00030,
12PSOBSPPowerSafe Observer/Spotter00064,
12PSOBSSPowerSafe Observer/Spotter - Spanish00064,
12OKOGEPowerSafe Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) Safety Orientation00064,
12SCGENSPowerSafe Southern Company (Spanish) Generation Safety Culture00064,
12SCGENPowerSafe Southern Company Generation Safety Culture00064,
12PSSUBPowerSafe Substation Specific Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSSPCHPowerSafe Supply Chain Computer/Web-based00030,
12TDBASEPowerSafe T & D Baseline Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSREFPowerSafe T & D Baseline Refresher Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSREFSPowerSafe T & D Baseline Refresher Spanish Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSBASPPowerSafe T & D Baseline Spanish Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSEXTPowerSafe T & D Extended Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSTTCPowerSafe Temporary Traffic Control00064,
12TEPCOPowerSafe Tucson Electric Power Contractor Orientation00037,
12TEPCOSPowerSafe Tucson Electric Power Spanish Contractor Orientation00037,
12PSVEGPowerSafe Vegetation Specific Computer/Web Based00030,
12PSVESPPowerSafe Vegetation Specific Spanish Computer/Web Based00030,
12WSTCFPowerSafe Westar - Coal-Fired Safety Orientation00037,
12WSTCFSPowerSafe Westar - Coal-Fired Spanish Safety Orientation00064,
12WSTGFPowerSafe Westar - Gas-Fired Safety Orientation00037,
12WSTGFSPowerSafe Westar - Gas-Fired Spanish Safety Orientation00037,
07PRXAIRPraxair Facility Specific Orientation00037,
12PRAXGEPraxair Site Orientation - Geismar, LA00037,
12PSPPGVPraxair Sulphur Westlake PPG Visitor Orientation00041,
12PSPPGPraxair Sulphur\Westlake PPG Site Orientation00037,
12PRAVISPraxair Visitor Orientation - Geismar, LA00041,
A19PSMProcess Safety Management00066,
19PSCPSC Company Specific00038,
19PSCVHOPSC Vacuum Truck/Hydroblasting Operator00039,
19PSCVHGPSC Vacuum Truck\Hydroblasting Guidelines00039,
03QSWQualSpec Site Specific Orientation00038,
03RABWRabalais Web Training00038,
12SAFRADRadiation Safety - SAF Computer/Web Based 
09RCSPRecra/Spill Prevention - ExxonMobil Beaumont00066,
19REFREFRef-Chem Refresher00038,
19REFCHMRef-Chem Safety Orientation00026,
12REGGREG Geismar Site Orientation00037,
12REGTDREG Geismar Truck Driver Orientation00041,
12REGGVREG Geismar Visitor Orientation00041,
12RESRES Contractors Safety Orientation00026,
12SAFRFTRespirator Fit Testing - SAF Computer/Web Based00046,
12SAFRESRespiratory Protection - SAF Computer/Web Based00046,
12RHEMPRhodia Employee Orientation - Baton Rouge La.00038,
04RIGGERRigger Training- Freeport Tx00030,
12SAFRSYRiver Shipyard Operations - SAF Computer Web/Based00063,
12RMCEORocky Mountain Contractors Employee Orientation00038,
12RCA1Root Cause Analyst Level 1 Facilitator Training00030,
12RCA2Root Cause Analyst Level 2 Master Facilitator00065,
12RCA3Root Cause Analyst Level 3 Lead Investigator00065,
12SSCOMPS&S Companies Employee Safety Orientation00038,
08SABICSABIC Innovative Plastics(GE Advanced Materials)00037,
08SPSABCSABIC Site Orientation - Spanish00066,
12SSSafe Supervisor00053,
19SA5Safety Awareness (Non-Reciprocal) - Houston Safety Council)00030,
12SAFSafety Awareness Fundamentals - English -General Industry - SAF00030,
12SAFSSafety Awareness Fundamentals - Spanish -General Industry - SAF00042,
19STSQ1Safety Trained Supervisor Exam Review I00042,
19STSQ2Safety Trained Supervisor Exam Review II00042,
19SFWYDSafWay Driver 10100037,
19SFWYSafway New Hire Orientation00026,
13SASOLSasol Site-Specific - Lake Charles, La.00037,
12SATCOSATCO Employee Orientation00066,
19SCAFUSScaffolding (Non-Reciprocal) - Houston Safety Council)00047,
12SAFSCFScaffolding - SAF Computer/Web Based00047,
12SRPCAScaffolding Competency Assessment (formerly Skills Assessment)00000,
03SCWScaffolding- (Non Reciprocal) Corpus Christi Safety Council00047,
12SECPASSecurity Passport 
19SXHESexual Harassment (Non-Reciprocal) - Houston Safety Council)00052,
12SGSMEOSGS Minerals New Employee Orientation00026,
12SGSMSTSGS Minerals Supervisor MSHA Training00026,
19SGSRLSGS Petroleum Service Corp. - Rules for Life00038,
19SGSSGS Petroleum Service Corporation Company Specific00038,
12SGSPSMSGS Petroleum Services Marine Orientation00038,
12SGSIPOSGS PSC In-Plant Orientation00038,
19SHELLTShell Deer Park Site-Specific 
19SCDPPOShell Deer Park Chemical Plant Process Overview00039,
19CRARIGShell Deer Park Crafts Personnel00039,
19CRAMEOShell Deer Park Crafts Personnel / Medium Equipment Operators00039,
19HEORIGShell Deer Park Crane Operators and Riggers00039,
19SHELLPShell Deer Park Permitting Process00039,
19SDPRCShell Deer Park Refining Company Process Overview00026,
19SHELMZShell Martinez Refinery Site Orientation00037,
12SHPALLShell Pipeline - Combined (Sorrento, Garyville, Norco)00037,
12SHPGARShell Pipeline - Dry Gas Orientation00037,
12SHPGENShell Pipeline - General Orientation00037,
12SHPNORShell Pipeline - Norco Station Orientation00037,
19SHEPSRShell Puget Sound Refinery Contractor Orientation00026,
12654SHLShell Site Orientation - Geismar La.00037,
12653SVShell Visitor Orientation - Geismar La.00041,
08SHMSSEShell/Motiva Norco Site Orientation00037,
08SHMSSSShell/Motiva Norco Site Orientation (Spanish)00037,
12SHINARShintech Employee Annual Refresher00038,
12SHINEMShintech Employee Orientation - Addis and Plaquemine, La.00038,
1268SHNShintech Site Orientation - Addis and Plaquemine, La.00037,
12SHVCMShintech VCM Unit Orientation00040,
09SWRCSinclair Wyoming Refinery00037,
12TSSTFSlips, Trips, and Falls00042,
12SAFSTFSlips, Trips, and Falls - SAF Computer/Web-Based00030,
12SMITTSSmith Tank &Steel New Employee Orientation00038,
12SNFFLOSNF Flopam Site Orientation 
08SNFSNF Polychemie Site Specific00037,
12SSVSocial Security Number Verification 
12SOLVISSolvay Baton Rouge Visitor Orientation00041,
12SOLVAYSolvay Orientation - Baton Rouge La.00037,
12SWENEOSouthwest Engineers Safety Training00038,
19STSSpeciality Tank Services 
12SIMEOSpecialized Industrial Maintenance (SIM) Employee Orientation00038,
19SCNESprint Companies New Employee Orientation00026,
19SCTDSprint Companies Transport Driver00026,
19SCWDSprint Companies Waste Driver00026,
19SPXTQSPX Bolting Systems Hydraulic Torquing00066,
19SPXCT2SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc - Cooling Tower Technican 200066,
19SPXCTBSPX Cooling Technologies, Inc - Cooling Tower Technician - 1B00066,
19SPXPMSPX Cooling Technologies, Inc - Preventative Maintenance 
19SPXCTASPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Cooling Tower Technician - 1A00039,
19SPXCT3SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Cooling Tower Technician 3 
19SPXSPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Jobsite Safety Orientation00026,
19SPXMESPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Mechanical Equipment 
12SRESSRES Employee Orientation00026,
12STBMEStarcon ECI Boilermaker Electronic Exam00026,
12STPMMStarcon ECI Project Master Mechanic Electronic Exam00026,
12STEXCHStarcon Exchanger Electronic Exam00039,
12STARHFStarcon HF Alky00039,
12STINSUStarcon Insulator Electronic Exam00039,
12STIWStarcon Iron Worker Craft Assessment00026,
12STMWEEStarcon Millwright Electronic Exam00026,
12STARCNStarcon New Employee Orientation00038,
12STPFTStarcon Pipefitter Electronic Exam00039,
12STARPRStarcon Piping Requirements00039,
12STQRGStarcon Qualified Rigger Electronic Exam00039,
12STARRSStarcon Qualified Rigger/Signal Person Orientation00039,
12STSCAFStarcon Scaffolding Electronic Exam00039,
12STOWERStarcon Tray and Tower Electronic Exam00039,
08STOCKStockhausen (Garyville, LA) Site Orientation00037,
08SHVNNStolthaven New Orleans, L.L.C. (Braithewaite, LA)00037,
19SIPIStronghold Inspection 
12STUPPStupp Corporation New Employee Orientation00026,
19BAYStyrolution America LLC - Bayport Site Specific00066,
19SULZERSulzer Chemical USA Inc. Site Orientation00037,
08SULZERSulzer Field Services Company Orientation00038,
08SULREFSulzer Field Services Company Refresher00026,
19SUNCORSuncor Energy Commerce City Refinery00037,
09SXLOBSunoco Logistics Contractor On-Boarding00066,
09SSXLOBSunoco Logistics Contractor On-Boarding - Spanish00066,
09SXLEPSunoco Logistics Eagle Point00066,
09SXLMHSunoco Logistics Marcus Hook Industrial Complex00066,
09SXLNTSunoco Logistics Nederland Terminal Site Specific00026,
09SXLPSMSunoco Logistics Process Safety Management00066,
12SWATSWAT (Specialty Welding and Turnaround) Employee Orientation00026,
1220SYNGSyngenta Contractor Site Orientation - St. Gabriel, LA00037,
12SYNGUVSyngenta Vendor Orientation - St. Gabriel, LA00041,
12TAMESTaminco Electrical Safety Orientation, St. Gabriel00039,
12TAMCOTaminco Site Orientation, St. Gabriel00037,
01TMCOPTaminco Site Orientation; Pace, FL00037,
12TERRATerra Nitrogen, Inc. (Donaldsonville) Site Orientation00037,
19TSOAN2Tesoro Anacortes - Category 2 
19TSOGETesoro Golden Eagle Refinery Site-Specific00037,
19SLARTesoro Los Angelos Refinery Contractor Orientation00037,
19TSOANATesoro Refining & Marketing Orientation00037,
19TSOSLCTesoro Salt Lake City Refinery 
19TSOCSFTesoro Salt Lake City Refinery - Confined Space Attendant & Firewatch00037,
19BSAFEThe Brock Group Safety Orientation00026,
19THTSThermon Heat Tracing Services00038,
19THRSUPThermon Supervisor HSE Orientation00026,
19THORPETHORPE Specialty Services Corporation Company-Specific00038,
12TPCRTOPCOR Employee Orientation00026,
12TOTALTotal Petrochemicals USA, Inc. (Carville)00037,
19TOTLPTOTAL Petrochemicals, La Porte Site Orientation00037,
19TSHSEOTotal Safety New Hire HSE Orientation00066,
19TOWTowing Trailers00066,
19TPCTPC Group Houston Contractor Orientation00037,
19TRACERTracer Industries00038,
19TRACRSTracer Industries - Spanish Employee Orientation00038,
04FLAGERTraffic Flagger Training - Freeport Tx 
12SAFTEXTrenching and Excavation - SAF Computer/Web-Based00030,
12TRIADTriad Electric and Controls New Employee Orientation00038,
12SAFTSCTSCA for Employees - SAF Computer/Web Based00058,
12SAFTSSTSCA for Supervisors - SAF Computer/Web Based00058,
19TWSTurnaround Welding Services00038,
19TKATurnkey Automation General Safety & Health Orientation Refresher 
12ULCSDDULCS Highlines Decision Driver Training00026,
12ULCSPCULCS Protective Cover Orientation00026,
12ULCSHLULCS/Highlines Employee Orientation00066,
19UBTUnited Bulk Terminals - Davant00066,
12SAFUWAUniversal Waste for Employees - SAF Computer/Web Based00058,
12SAFUWSUniversal Waste for Supervisors - SAF Computer/Web Based00058,
12UOPBRUOP Baton Rouge Site Orientation00037,
12UOPBRVUOP Baton Rouge Visitor Safety Orientation00041,
01UOPMOBUOP Mobile Site Orientation00037,
12USIUSI Industrial NEO00038,
12USICHSUSI Industrial NEO (with Crane and Hand Signals)00066,
20VLE03AValero (Memphis) Confined Space Attendant Awareness00039,
20VLE05Valero (Memphis) LDAR Awareness Orientation00039,
20VLE02Valero (Memphis) Lockout Tagout Orientation00039,
20VLE06Valero (Memphis) RCRA Orientation00039,
20VLE04Valero (Memphis) Bundle Pad Operations Orientation00039,
20VLE01Valero (Memphis) Energy Site Orientation00039,
20VLE07Valero (Memphis) VPP Training00039,
03VTRSValero 3 Rivers Site Web Training 
08VALMXValero Meraux Site Specific (formerly Murphy Oil)00037,
19VALEROValero Refining Co. Houston, TX00037,
07VRValero Refining Site Orientation - Texas City, TX00037,
08VALEROValero Site Orientation - St. Charles LA00037,
03VRValero Site Web, Corpus Christi00037,
19VALWILValero Wilmington00026,
12VRRNEOVaughan Roofing Roofer's New Employee Orientation00066,
12VSMNEOVaughan Roofing Sheet Metal New Employee Orientation00066,
12VRSUPVaughan Roofing Supervisor Module00038,
19VESMCVeolia ES Industrial Mini-Cobra Operator00026,
19VESDBVeolia ES Industrial Diamondback Operator00026,
19VESCCVeolia ES Industrial Services Chemical Cleaning00038,
19VESCBRVeolia ES Industrial Services Cobra Operator00026,
19VESVeolia ES Industrial Services Company-Specific 
19VESHBVeolia ES Industrial Services Hydroblasting Safety New Hire Orientation00039,
19VESHBRVeolia ES Industrial Services Hydroblasting Safety Refresher00039,
19VESVACVeolia ES Industrial Services Vacuum Safety NEO 
19VESVSRVeolia ES Industrial Services Vacuum Safety Refresher00066,
12VIPSAPVIP International Sulfuric Acid Plant Training00066,
19VPPVoluntary Protection Plan00066,
19VOPAKVopak Site Specific00037,
12SAFWSLWarning Signs and Labels - SAF Computer/Web-Based00030,
12WTWRK1Water Works Industrial Services Safety Orientation - Part 100038,
12WTWRK2Water Works Industrial Services Safety Orientation Part 200038,
12SAFWCBWelding, Cutting, and Brazing - SAF Computer/Web-Based00042,
19GALLUPWestern Refining - Gallup Refinery Site-Specific00037,
19WREFWestern Refining Site Specific00037,
13WLKFWAWestlake Firewatch / Holewatch Lake Charles00066,
13WSTLKEWestlake Group Lake Charles Site Specific00066,
1289GVCWestlake Vinyls Orientation - Geismar, LA (Geismar Vinyls)00037,
09WHMWHM Custom Services Orientation 
26OKWBRSWillbros Downstream Field Services New Hire Safety Orientation00026,
19WGFLDSWood Group Field Services - Employee Orientation00038,
12WKBOXWorkbox, LLC Employee Orientation00038,
19WYAHNDWyatt Field Service Company - Hand Safety Awareness00038,
19WYAJHAWyatt Field Service Company - JHA Company Specific 
19WYATTWyatt Field Service Company Specific00038,
19WYATGSWyatt Field Service Grinder Safety00066,
19WYATSTWyatt Field Service Supervisor Training00039,
19WSPHRWyatt Signal Person Hand/Radio00039,
19WVIJHAWyatt Virgin Islands Inc. - JHA Company Specific 
19WYATVWyatt Virgin Islands New Hire Orientation00038,
12XLINDXL Industrial Services Team Member Orientation00038,
12DEMO1ZWBTP01 - DEMO 1 - Aaron's Demo Spot00000,
12DEMO2ZWBTP02 - DEMO 2 - Aaron's Demo Spot New Window00000,

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